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That Boy - Jillian Dodd Never judge a book by the cover. That statement applies in full force with this book. I probably would never have picked it up had it not been recommended to me by fellow readers. But I do have to say, that after reading the book and seeing the little doodles throughout, the cover is fitting. I loved the doodles by the way, especially the "chicken shittedness" one!

I loved the voice in this book. It was not perfect, choppy at times...well, maybe choppy isn't the right word. No it was more like getting sidetracked and going off on a tangent, sort of how your brain works as thoughts run through your head...sort of like I am right now. Anyway,getting back on track, it was like we were right inside JJ's head, hearing her thoughts as she had them. Again, I loved it because I was able to relate since it was almost like reading my own thoughts.

JJ is a riot, with 2 male best friends, both of whom are hot - gosh I'm jealous! She had me laughing throughout the book and then there are times when it was like BAM, and I find myself bawling my eyes out. WTF! How does she do that? But in the end, there was a happy ending and that made me happy.

Wow, I don't know if any of that made any sense, I think my mind is still mush from staying up too late reading. In summary a perfect, non stressful love triangle + hot guys + laughter + crying + staying up late to read and being a walking zombie the next day = this book earning 5 stars from me. Can't wait to read That Wedding!