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Chance Encounters - J. Sterling I love YA and I love contemporary romance - this book is like getting both in one. It is written in a YA style but the characters are older than your typical YA book. a.k.a This book is right up my alley.

Chance Encounters is about love at first site, it's about wondering if you are with the right person, it is about taking chances, and it is about breaking hearts. I think my favorite line from the book was "Sometimes other hearts have to break in order to keep yours intact."

I have been in a bit of a book slump lately, with it taking me far too long to get through a book. I started this book and finished it within 24 hrs. The story was sweet, emotional, and entertaining - the perfect mix to break my reading slump.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that loves a love triangle, love at first sight, and a happily ever after. Can't wait to read more from Miss Sterling!