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Crash - Nicole  Williams Nicole Williams has done it again! Each and every book she writes, she manages to pull at my emotions and make me fall in love with the characters. CRASH and Jude Ryder are no exception to this!

Nicole Williams hooked me as a fan for life with her Eden series so I jumped the second this book came out. Unfortunately, life kept me from devouring it right away. It was excruciating seeing all the reviews come in about it being so great and there I sat only at 16% with no time to go any further. So the first weekend I had free of baseball, I designated as "sit on my a$$" weekend and I was able to delve into the book and immerse myself in the world of Jude and Lucy.

And what a world it was! I loved Jude, I hated Jude. I felt sorry for Lucy, I wanted to slap Lucy. I loved Sawyer, I hated Sawyer. My emotions were all over the place and I wasn't sure which way I wanted them to go. The minute I thought I knew, a wrench was thrown in and I changed my mind.

This book was pure perfection to me. Bad boy, good girl, sketchy pasts, frustration, angst, love, and an ending that pulls it all together in a satisfying way.

If you love Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire or Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles, I highly recommend you read this book. If you like a story with a bad boy/good girl combination, I highly recommend this book. Heck, if you like a book that will grab you and keep you entertained until the end, I highly recommend this book.