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Clash - Nicole  Williams When I finished reading Crash, the first book in this series, I was content with how everything ended. I was a little nervous then when I saw Nicole said she was releasing a second book in the series. I mean really, how can you top Crash? But then I got really excited because another book meant more Jude, and more Jude is a good thing!

My apprehension toward this book was completely unwarranted. I should have known Nicole wouldn't steer me wrong and I will never doubt her again.

Jude and Lucy were able to overcome the challenges that were pulled at their relationship in book 1. Now in book 2, a whole new set of challenges present themselves as they go off to college. And with these challenges comes a roller coaster of emotions for the reader.

My favorite quote and a good summary of the premises of the book is “Love isn’t only love, sweetheart. It’s hard work, and trust, and tears, with even a few glimpses of devastation. But at the end of each day, if you can still look at the person at your side and can’t imagine anyone else you’d rather have there, the pain and heartache and the ups and downs of love are worth it.”

I think I loved this book even more than I loved Crash. Nicole's writing style has always drawn me in and this book was no exception. The roll out of the events in the story pulled out just about every emotion possible from within me and at times left my heart lying on the floor feeling like it had just been stomped on. The beautiful part is that even though I felt ripped apart by reading the story, Nicole made sure to piece me back together and heal all those wounds by the end of the story.

I am now waiting on the edge of my seat for the release of Crush, the third and final book in Jude and Lucy's story.