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The Game Changer (The Perfect Game, #2) - J. Sterling I have some mad love for J. Sterling. Not only as an author but as a genuinely nice person that cares about and talks with her fans. That being said, I find myself extremely lucky to have had the chance to read "The Game Changer" prior to its release.

This book for me was a solid 4 stars throughout most of it. I have this little requirement for a book to earn that 5th star...it has to evoke some sort of emotion in me, whether it be that it makes me cry, gives me goose bumps, turns me on, etc. The emotion has to reach out from the book and grab at my heart strings. Miss Sterling squeaked that out at the end for me and earned that 5th star.

First off, if you haven't read "The Perfect Game" by J. Sterling, you need to go read that first. After reading it, if you felt pissed off at either Jack or Cassie so much that you wanted to throw your Kindle/Nook/paperback against the wall, then you need to read this book. Heck, you just need to read this even if you didn't get pissed off.

The book starts off as flashbacks to different events that occurred in "The Perfect Game" giving you a look at what was going through Jack's mind as the story played out. Believe me, if you didn't love him before, your heart will reach out to him now. And don't worry; the story is not just a rewrite of "The Perfect Game" from Jack's perspective. Now that the drama from the past is behind them, they must learn (sometimes the hard way) how to handle life together with one of them being in the public eye and see if they have enough trust in each other to make it through as a couple.

Aside from Jack and Cassie, many of the same characters from the first book make a second appearance in "The Game Changer" - Melissa and Dean in particular are a favorite of mine - with the addition of some other important (and HOT) characters. Miss Sterling has a way with creating characters that you either love to hate, hate to love, or simply can't help falling for.

"The Game Changer" was a perfect continuation of the story started in "The Perfect Game." I was entertained, shocked, happy, sad, and utterly satisfied by the time I reached the end of the story. I would recommend this book to everyone that read "The Perfect Game" whether you loved it or hated it.