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Nocturne - Andrea Randall, Charles Sheehan-Miles I am a simple person. I lead a simple life in a mid-sized Midwestern town. I've never been to the opera or to a symphony or any classical arts performance for that matter. However, after just finishing reading Nocturne by Andrea Randall and Charles Sheehan-Miles, I feel like I have just been on tour with The Big Five.

Nocturne is elegantly and beautifully written. The novel clearly illustrates that the authors were well educated in the subject of symphony orchestras. Either that, or they easily fooled me with big words like Rachmaninoff, arpeggios, and diminuendos. (Thank you Kindle for your built-in dictionary.) And after I got over the deer-in-the-headlights look of a very unfamiliar subject to me, I was easily wrapped up in the story.

Told from the dual viewpoint of the two main characters, Savannah and Gregory, Nocturne is a complex story of a taboo situation that pushes the boundaries of ethics. While I can't agree with the choices that were made by the characters, the story was written in a way that I was able to understand why they made the choices they did.

I've read novels individually written by both Ms. Randall and Mr. Sheehan-Miles and they were both wonderful. However, together they they have found a way to meld their voices into one incredibly written book. The seamless way the book flowed together would not leave you guessing that the book was written by dual authors had you not seen their names on the cover.

Nocturne is a book of forbidden love, heartbreak, bad decisions, emotions, and music. Although I probably glossed over some of the more 'technical' music parts, it is a very satisfying and entertaining read. It is a standalone book with a happily-ever-after and I would recommend this book whether you are a fan of the classical arts or not.